Course Purpose

This correspondence course offers an alternative to the legal/intervention systems assigning ADIS (alcohol/drug information school) to clients who for one reason or another are unable to complete it in a classroom setting. These reasons may include:

  1. Conflicting work/school schedules.
  2. Off-road residents.
  3. Students attending school in other states.
  4. Military personnel stationed out of Alaska.
  5. Alaska violations by out of state residents.
  6. Those who need to work with their tutor in private.
  7. Those who are waiting to enter treatment that need alcohol/drug education.
  8. Inmates.
  9. Pretrial preparation.
  10. Military recruiters.

Course Description

This Alaska State certified correspondence course is designed to: (1) help you better understand the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body; and (2) equip you for making any desired changes based on what you have learned.

This twelve hour course includes a pre-test, twelve lessons, and a final test. Each lesson is divided into three parts: a reading assignment, a worksheet reviewing the information covered, and a journaling exercise to help you personalize the material.

The course is to be completed over a minimum of three days by state standard. Beyond this, the time allowed to complete the course is determined by this agency and/or the referring authority. We allow six weeks to complete the course, but the referring authority has the final word. Extensions of time may be awarded based on circumstances.

Course Population

Clients taking this course range in age from junior high to senior citizens living primarily away from easy-to-access ADIS classes. We have served clients in remote Alaskan villages, on commercial fishing boats, in colleges and universities throughout the U.S., and on military bases in foreign countries . . . even on the oil platforms in the North Sea. Some courts outside of Alaska have also taken advantage of our services.

Course Completion

When the completed course work is returned to our office, it is scored. If the minimum standards are met, a Completion Certificate is awarded to you and a copy is sent to the referring authority if one is required.

Course Certification

The Creative Living Publications correspondence course for alcohol/other drug education is approved by the State of Alaska for use in court and DMV proceedings.