Course Description

What Do You Know About Alcohol/Other Drugs? And... A Plan For Change


This Correspondence Course is Certified by the State of Alaska and is designed to:

  • Help the client understand the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving and social behaviors, as well as health and legal consequences.
  • Equip the client for making any desired life changes based on what they have learned.


Clients taking this course range in age from junior high to senior citizens living primarily away from easy-to-access ADIS (Alcohol/Drug Information School) classes. Most of the clients are first-time Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Minor Consuming (MC) offenders as well as others convicted of misdemeanors related to alcohol/other drug offenses.

We have served clients in remote Alaskan villages, on commercial fishing boats, in colleges and universities throughout the U.S., on military bases in foreign countries, and even on the oil platforms in the North Sea. Some courts outside of Alaska have also taken advantage of our services.

PLEASE NOTE: This correspondence course is to be used only if an approved ADIS class is not available to you in your particular circumstances and/or is deemed appropriate by a referring authority. If you need to satisfy a statutory requirement for substance abuse education and/or rehabilitative treatment, you need to contact a referral agency for screening if you have not done so to-date. The completion of this course may not by itself satisfy the reinstatement, limited license, or termination of revocation requirements of the Division of Motor Vehicles. This ADIS correspondence course does NOT in any way constitute a treatment program NOR does it fulfill any treatment requirements.


This 12 hour course includes a pre-test, twelve lessons, and a final test. Each lesson is divided into three parts: A reading assignment from provided workbooks. A worksheet reviewing the information covered. Interactive Journaling® exercise developed by The Change Companies® and the State of Alaska to help the client personalize the material.


The course is to be completed over a minimum of three days by Alaska State standards. Beyond this, the time allowed to complete the course is determined by Creative Living Publications and/or the referring authority. Six weeks are allowed to complete the course, but the referring authority has the final word. Extension of time may be awarded based on individual circumstances.


When the completed course work is returned, it is scored. If the minimum standards are met and all program fees are paid, a Completion Certificate is awarded to the client and a copy is forwarded to the referring authority.